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what happens when players go wrong at the same time ? Who turns a card ?

It's the person who was first Kamba-ed.


(This is why it's important to shout "KAMBA" when you see someone go wrong).


When someone shouts "KAMBA", everyone stops playing and the person who shouted points out the problem. If someone else went wrong at the same time but wasn't Kamba-ed then they escape any penalty.

Is there a difference between the different letter cards ("K", "A", "M" and "B")?

Is it important that each player get one of each (two "a"s), or is it just important that everyone get 5 cards?

There's no difference between the letter cards. Each player should get 5 cards. I recommend that you stick with the suggested K-A-M-B-A card layout (because that will make it easier for players to see each other's scores during play).

We're just passing cards round and round. Nobody is going wrong. What's with this ?

That's not what you want from a tongue twister party game! The idea is that you chant faster and faster (and pass faster and faster) each round. Then somebody will go wrong pretty quickly, trust me!

Can I KAMBA myself if I go wrong ?

You can but it's not a good idea because you'll lose a card.

Why are there no printed rules ?

Kamba is a not like other games when it comes to rules. As you may be able to tell from the rules video and the demo videos, Kamba is a game that presents particular problems for rules written in the traditional way. That's the reason why we have presented the rules in video form .

The rules videos aren't loading. Help!

Here are direct links to each of the videos. The first three videos tell you how to play and it's best to watch them in order.

Setting up:

How to Play

The Pro Game

Next there are some links to demo videos. These will be useful if you'd like to see some other people playing (i.e. to help you get the hang of the game).

Standard Game: "Dog Food Dude"

Standard Game: "Roast Ripped Roach"

Pro Game: "Who Chews Shoes"

Pro Game: "Great Grey Goats"




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