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Protecting Your Mallet Cards

There are few things in life as useless as bent mallets, (though it could be said that some of our politicians run them close). But I’ve been hearing a lot of people muttering that mallets *might* get bent in KAMBA.

I just wanted to write a quick post to address that:

First up, a bit of a bend on a KAMBA mallet card isn’t a bad thing. It means they’re easier to lift off the table. And unless you’re a super-competitive-type of games player, that’s a generally positive thing.

I’ve got sets of KAMBA that have enjoyed many outings to shows etc without sustaining terminal damage in the bent mallet department. But then I haven’t been playing them vigorously, (e.g. late at night after a few margaritas). More’s the pity…

So if you’re really worried about your mallet cards or just can’t help being wildly vigorous during your KAMBA games, here are some ideas:

Card Covers: Inexpensive packs of plastic cards covers can be purchased on Amazon. The plastic covers come in different sizes but these packs should be just right for Kamba:

USA: Get a Prototype: I have a bunch of the original KAMBA prototypes which I could sell to anyone’s who’s interested. They’re quite fun because they show the original black-and-white sketches that came before the full colour illustrations (yes, I know, color for readers in the USA). These aren’t commercially available but if you want one, send me a message and we can sort something out.

Use cards from different games: If you have old games that you no longer play (but still have cards) just grab out the cards and use them for mallet cards.

I hope this helps!

And please let me know if you have any other KAMBA things on your minds..

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