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Fat Frogs Fly - (A Kamba tongue twister)

Tongue-twisting phrases are often pretty nonsensical which creates an equal measure of both opportunity and misery for our gallant illustrator.

So when we put a tongue-twister like "Fat Frogs Fly" into Kamba, there are a bunch of issues to consider. I mean, you've heard of flying birds but they tend to be sleek, aerodynamic and superbly designed for travelling through the air. But what does a flying frog look like ? And a fat one too - hardly the most flight-friendly kind of frog...

So here's some of the design process for "fat frogs fly". Here at Kamba HQ we're thinking along the lines of a portly frog squeezed uncomfortably into ballet tights and surrounded by lots of high-fat takeaways and burping indecently loudly. He's about to take a giant leap off a lily pad to catch a passing donut so it will be a short flight but a flight nonetheless.

Then our illustrator gets hold of "Fat Frogs Fly" and interprets the tongue twister in his own inimitable style. We've have shared a couple the early sketches for this tongue twister here. Which do you think made it through to the final game ? You'll have a to get Kamba and find out!

More tongue-twisting flights of fantasy await, so stay tuned to the blog!

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