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A great review, this time from Eric!

I was truly delighted to see another great review by Eric from Memphis. Thank you so much for your time and enthusiasm Eric! I'm truly touched by your kind words and also simply to know that you've been enjoying KAMBA!

If you haven't discovered KAMBA yet (and by the way, what are you waiting for ?), then here's an exert from Eric's review:

"This game brings out the loud and unruly in the quietest of people, but in an uproariously good way. The actions and tongue twisters make fools out of the calm and suave. This is THE party game to play if you like seeing people being loud and making fools of themselves. Don’t worry. It’s not just one person, it’s everyone making a fool of themselves at the same time. All while laughing. Quick word of advice, I’d keep food and drinks off the table while playing this game. It can amp up pretty quickly."

Enjoy reading Eric's review in its entirety here

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