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At first glance, Pete's Pa's Patch seemed one of the least promising tongue twisters to illustrate. What's the patch ? A vegetable patch ? An oil patch ? An eye patch ? Yawny yawny Boringo!

Just a few long hard ponders later, we made it through that rough patch. All kinds of great ideas had dawned, though some would never see the light of day. Here below are three of the early sketches for what has since developed into a tongue twisting delight:

The next question was: which of these images should be developed into that most desirable of tongue twisting accolades....becoming an official KAMBA game card ?

Which of these three would you choose ?

First up on the left is Pete's Pa hitting that terrible moment in a man's life when he finds that his hair just isn't there!

Then on the right there's Pete's Pa enjoying some downtime in an idyllic woodland glade. It looks like a great patch for a peaceful Pa!

And finally bottom left here we have Pete's Pa, snoozing again and pretty deeply too by the looks of things. This time Pa didn't have a patch - that is until young Pete and his buddies get to work...

So which would you choose ?

And which did we choose ? Well you can find out by getting yourself a copy of KAMBA today!

When it comes to tongue-twisting breath tests, the jury is still out on which one is the best. Some people swear by the Detect-o-Drunk (see image below), while others prefer a more low-tech approach like the ScentSensor (see other image).

So while KAMBA was being developed, the big question here was which is the BEST BREATH TEST card for this notoriously challenging tongue twisting game ?

Which of these two images would you have chosen ?

To find out what we chose, get yourself a copy of this legendary game today!

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