Tongue twisting, table thumping turmoil.




KAMBA is the second party game from Andrew Bryceson. (His first was a game called "Articulate!").


KAMBA is a loud and unruly card game for large groups who are in high spirits. Anytime 6 - 10 people are sitting round a table and looking to raise the roof.....that's KAMBA time.

Everyone plays KAMBA simultaneously, repeating devilish tongue twisters faster and louder - while also passing cards - and (optionally for experts) tackling additional 'Pro' tasks at the same time. 


A rowdy new card passing party game that's like no other.

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Illustrated Tongue Twisters

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People Are Saying


Tongue twisting, table thumping turmoil.


The loudest, most unruly party game in the world. Ever.

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