The Hall of Fame and FREE PRIZES for EVERYONE

The Hall of Fame - be part of it and WIN PRIZES !! KAMBA is a new game and I'm keen to find ways to showcase it to newcomers who haven't played before. So I'm going to put together a "Hall of Fame" of great Kamba moments so that people can see what the game's all about. I need real photos and videos of real people playing KAMBA. In other words, people like you!

And to get things started, I'm going to give EVERYONE who sends in their KAMBA photos and videos a prize, (one of my other games, you can choose which game you want from a list). If you're interested in this, please use the "Quick Message" form at the bottom of the page to say you're interested and we can take it from there. FREE PRIZES for EVERYONE who helps get the Hall of Fame started.....get yours today !! It's going to be fun for all of us!

Thank you.


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