Here we go again....

Updated: Jul 20

After going through the utterly exhausting, life-cancelling process of launching my first party game, (that will be another blog post), I swore I’d never do it again. Absolutely never. Never under any circumstances. Any cirumstances whatsoever. What------so-----ever.

But you know. You wake up with a banging hangover one day and confidently swear you’ll never drink again. You sit back after Christmas lunch and think you won’t eat again for days. But then….. But then…..

And so it has come to pass: I’m back. I’ve made my second party game. It’s a really good game. And if I exhaust every bone in my body encouraging it and nurturing it, then it might be as famous as my first...

Welcome to my new project. The game is called KAMBA (for reasons I’ll explain in another post) and I warmly invite you to get the game and join the fun.


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